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wpForo 1.x.x [Closed] Wildcards in the Forum Search

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Wildcards don't seem to work in the search bar. Should they be? Is there another way to do wildcard searches?

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Hi @tims-forum,

Please try to explain by using the screenshot, to allow us to see what you try to search.

Also please provide your forum URL.

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I can't send the link to my forum as it is behind a login on our customer portal. 

One case I have is adding quotes around a phrase in order to search for that phrase exactly. This is what wpForo actually searches:

Search result for:  \"contract campaign manager\"

It adds the slashes and finds nothing. This phrase does exist in my forum. However, searching without the quotes finds every instance of contract, campaign, and manager. The results are too much when what I really want is everything with that exact phrase.