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wpForo 1.x.x [Closed] WP-Foro/Themify Flow clash

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Hoping someone might have some advice, since upgrading to new version of forum nothing seems to show on forum pages in the wpforo-content div. Everything else generates fine - sidebars, title, breadcrumbs, etc - just doesn't show the actual content of the page. I've disabled all plugins and switched themes, so I narrowed it down to having a Themify Flow theme running. Just wondered if anyone has come across this before and hopefully if there is a fix known to community. 

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Hi guiseknightcott,

Which version was the old wpForo before updating?

Please navigate to Dashboard > Forums > Forums admin page, edit a top category and check Usergroup-Access relation. 

Then navigate to Dashboard > Forums > Settings > Forum Accesses admin page, edit them and check if all (except the No-access) have "View Forum" permission.

Then Delete all caches.