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The migration from Asgaro to wpForo did not carry over images

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Dear Support,

I am currently in the process of migrating my website from Asgaro to wpForo using "Go2wpForo". While the migration successfully transfers all the topics, posts, and even the images within the text, it seems to miss the images located in the "Uploaded files" section.

Do you have any insights on what might be causing this issue?

Best regards.

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Hi @mfa 
The Go2wpForo tool is created to only migrate the database data from the old forum system to wpForo. You should move the media files from the uploads table by yourself, and everything will go right.

In the migration process, in the second step where you choose the migration settings, etc., the Go2wpForo tool requires you to do manual file transferring using FileZilla or another FTP client. You should read that suggestion and find all media files, then transfer the files manually using FTP clients.

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