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[Closed] Add own php to wpforo

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I recently write an own php file, which archive old topics. (Move to an other forum)

The script works well, but I have an little problem.

I want to add the file to a dir, which I can access from any user (e.g. guest) via cronjob. So I can't use wpf-admin, which I tried first.

Is there any place where I can add the file? Currently I used

if(isSet($_GET['archiveTopic']) && <snip key validation>){include (archiveTopics.php);}

in the forums class..

But I'm not happy with this solution.. Is there any usually-used method to do something like that? 

FYI: I need access to WPF(), so I can't access to this file directly. As mentioned above, I have to have access with the guest user.

Thanks in advance 

(Hopefully this is the correct forum)