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Any chance of integrating Shortpixel with the Advanced Attachment addon?

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Any chance this could happen? There is no need to have full sized and non compressed JPGs taking up loading times would you could automatically have them resized to smaller pixels and compressed. I mean a 10MB image could easily be reduce down to 100-200kb if one were to auto resize them down to say 1000 pixels and choose the lossy or even the glossy compression option.

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I use Imagify, but you can also add folders to ShortPixel

read the ShortPixel FAQ

Can I optimize images that aren’t in Media Library?

You can actually optimize any image you have on your site regardless of its place. You just need to add – in the Advanced section of the ShortPixel Settings – the folders where the images you want to optimize are located and ShortPixel will work its magic and do the rest.