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[Closed] Intergrate newsletter signups into the wpForo User Custom Fields

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It would be nice to have the ability to have a wpforo user customer field to be able to add to the sign up screen that integrates with the more popular mail services (Active Campaign etc) so that we could have a check box that says something like "Sign up to receive our newsletter and other promotional materials."

Maybe even multiple ones so that the list could be segmented. Ie:

-Receive our weekly Newsletter

-Receive notification on sales and other promotions.

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Hi @foodiemike2,

The feature you're requested doesn't have any relation to wpForo – User Custom Fields addon. Currently, we have plugin customization and custom addon development services at the gVectors Team. They can asses the work and create it for you. Just contact us via sales[at] email address and send a list of requirements you'd like to have.

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Hey @foodiemike2,

Did you have any luck with this? I was looking to add the same features to my site.

Thanks in advance!