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About Me

About us

We are a design studio specializing in the design of icons. We have been providing services since 2005. During our work, we have accumulated an awe-inspiring experience. Our clients Nova, Harold are happy to work with us, and we appreciate it.

Why should you order from us?

We have a lot of work experience. We have been working since 2005 and we know a lot of things.
We specialize in working with IT companies from the former USSR countries, so we understand IT professionals well.
We have many satisfied customers who can recommend us. You can become one of them 🙂
We value our reputation. That's why we don't throw, lose, cheat.
We guarantee the quality of our work. If we can't do the work you need, we will refund the advance payment.
We are predictable and follow the agreed deadlines. Unlike others, we can call it a long time, but we keep to it.
In addition to that
We specialize in a clearly defined area of design. We don't do everything in a row, but focus our efforts on honing a particular skill. This allows us to provide a smaller set of services but to do them at the highest level.
We do not play "Broken Phone", in our studio, the customer communicates directly with the designer. In other studios the customer communicates with the "representative", and the latter already passes on the customer's words to a specific performer. The studio guarantees that the customer will not "take" the designer to the side. Still, for you it is an additional loss of money to pay for the representative and loss of time to correct inaccuracies in the transmission of information. In our studio, communication is conducted directly in the project management system "Art Director". It was developed specially for us and our customers' needs. Art Director is our development and no one else has it.
We are better than freelancers when performing complex works. Freelancers have one advantage over us - price. But we do not disappear, we do the work more qualitatively, faster and in time. We have several designers and each of them specializes in its type of work. We make the work more qualitative (due to specialization) and faster (due to the fact that different types of work are carried out in parallel by different people). Besides, if any of the designers have any problems (illness, family circumstances), a colleague continues his work, and you get a finished result without delay.

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