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[Closed] About Large Forums

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Greetings, first of all I want to thank those who created wpforo. It is one of the best forum system I have ever seen so far. As for my question, we have kind of large forum consisting roughly 15k members 140k posts and 16k topics. We were using SMF then migrated to Mybb but still I'm not happy with their system. Lack of integration with wordpress is my main problem and I asked myself, why not to use wordpress based forum system? So here I am 🙂 Now if you don't mind I want to ask, can the wpforo run our forum without issues (slowing down etc.)? Thanks in advance, have a nice day.

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Hi @ernesto,

wpForo is designed for all kind of forums, it has all necessary functions and features to be able perform forums with millions of posts. It has built in cache system and the database is organized to make it super light, fast and don't overload WordPress system. All are made especially for large content and thousands of large forums are already using wpForo. here is a good example of that: