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New Feature [Closed] Auto-Complete For User Mentions with @

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This is a new feature request, but, first off, I want to say that I love the wpForo plugin. I've been using it for over 5 years now and I renew my annual subscription to 8 of the add-on plugins year after year.


I recognize that this topic might by tricky from a technical perspective, but from a user perspective it's weird that wpForo doesn't have this because pretty much any site that I use to participate in discussions nowadays can do this.


The feature that I'd like to have is auto-complete for user mentions. I know that I can put @username manually, but doing that feels like I'm working with an application from 10 years ago. As a user, I expect to type @, then start typing a username, and it shows me the options available based on what I typed.


On this previous post (click here), @robert said that it's not possible to do this because of limitations in the WordPress TinyMCE editor, but I'm wondering if maybe there might be a way to use this TinyMCU plugin to accomplish it (I'm not that technical so I'm not really sure):


I would totally add a 9th add-on plugin to my list of wpForo add-on plugins to get this feature.

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Hi @timrodman,

Thanks for the info, sent to the team, I guess this would be created.

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+1 love it