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[Closed] Wish List - Pop-Up @Members and Pop-Up Forum/Subforum List

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Our forum is still fairly new and we are just now really getting into the daily heavy use. 

There are several things that would make working in the forum space SO much easier. 

Pop-Up @Mention List (I mentioned this the other day here in another thread)

The ability to see an entire member list when you type @ and then the first couple of letters of a members name, while typing a post.

This would make mentioning members in a large group much easier, and there would be no guessing what a members nickname is. 

Pop-Up Forum/Subforum List

Another pop-up that would be extremely helpful, especially for a large forum with lots of forums and subforums - would be a pop-up list that would show all forums and subforums, maybe by pressing the # key (or some other shortcut key combination).

For example, if you're typing a post in one subforum and you want to link to another forum or subforum, you would press the shortcut key and then you could click on the desired forum or subforum from the pop-up list to insert a link to that forum/subforum. 

I find myself writing a lot of posts that direct our members to other forums/subforums, so I currently have two windows open side-by-side so I can easily copy the URL for the forum I'm trying to link to. This works, but it sure would be nice to have a pop-up list to choose from instead. 

Ability to Notify ALL Members of a Post

It would be great to be able to type something like @members within a post, and have all members receive an email notification of that post. 

This would work VERY well for posts that are important announcements that all members should be aware of. 

Real-Time Live On-Screen Notifications

I know this feature has been mentioned before here in the woForo forum - by me and others. And I know this is a feature that might be being worked on right now for a future release. I'm adding this "wish list" item here, mainly to keep these features together. 

We used to use Slack for our group, and Slack had all of these abilities. We're so used to using these features, that we would really love to see these same features available in wpForo (our new home). 

Maybe these "wish list" items can be incorporated into a future release of wpForo?

Thanks for your consideration!