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[Closed] Cannibalization between posts and topics

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Hi everyone,

I have a blog and a forum with wpForo. My problem resides in that I fight scammers so, when I have enough information about the supposed scam, I make a post, but until I search for information, I make a topic in the forum in order to advise people.

So, if someone reports me a scammer, I make a topic in the forum with an advise, and, some time after, if I have enough information, I make a post.

And what is the problem?

It's simple, if the topic is created before the post, the post ranks very bad in Google, and its more important for me when the post created.

How can I give more importance to the post in Google? 


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Hi @mentalrental,

I think you should find some SEO specialist. This question is not related to wpForo support, this is not a support question. There should be many SEO solutions to control the priority of your content and the SEO specialists should know them very well.