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I’m trying to entice members from an old Yahoo Group to come over to our Forum powered by WPForo. They are used to the “Email” exchange that YG had. 

Knowing that “Forums” are NOT and email exchange platform, I have noticed that as an admin I do get email notifications of new posts and replies. 


My question to the group is this, is there a setting where ALL members would get notifications of new posts? If not, is there a plug in, add on or any other way I can “Alert” the members of new posts?


Thanks so much!



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Hi @webmasterstinsonclub-org,

In wpForo as in all Forum Softwares users get email notification if they are subscribed to a forum or topic. There is no way to send all users email notification. They should subscribe themselves using subscribe options.


1. In My Profile > Subscription admin page, they can subscribe to all forums and topics


2. At the top of each forum there is a Subscription button


3. At the top of each topic there is a Subscription button


4. Using subscription checkbox in topic and post creator form


NOTE: According to GDPR Rules you are not allowed to send email notifications if users are not subscribed. Please read the documentation:

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Hi @robert,

Concerning a mass-mail function and GDPR, I would like to draw your attention to private forums - which are obviously not publicly visible, but nevertheless widely used. Private forums may benefit from a different feature-set than public forums in this respect. Let me try to elaborate on that:

All our forums are private and we have GDPR covered, as we always have  prior written permission from all enrolled students to send them notifications of any kind regarding our courses. Ideally, a teacher/moderator should have the option to notify any chosen usergroup of a new post. 

I think that the function of a forum as a tool of communication for private networks is often overlooked in discussions about which features a forum should typically have, and which they shouldn't... When searching for a mass-mail feature in forums I often read comments like 'Take it to mail' or 'use another plugin, not a forum'. But that assumes that all forums have an open, public character where mass-mailing is, for obvious reasons,  a no-go. However forums in a more private setting are widely used as well, and in those cases a 'mass-mail' function to a given user-group is not strange at all: it may even be a 'must have'. I know phpBB has it, and I have used simple:press before which has a workaround with one of their add-ons.

I hope WPForo will consider to add this feature in future, with the use of private forums in mind..