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[Closed] How to Convert bbPress Quotes to wpForo Quotes?

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I'm trying to convert the old bbPress plugin Quotes to the wpForo plugin Quotes by doing search replace in the database, this is how it is bbPress code and wpForo ones.

bbPress code:


wpForo code:

data-userid="1941" data-postid="7126" data-mention="rammar"> text

So this is what I did as an experiment:

  • Searched [quote quote= and replaced with 
  • On the second run, searched  and replaced with 


But then I run into another problem: if I search and replace ] with > it'll replace other things in post content as well.

wpForo is a free plugin, I have asked about this on their forum and they advised me to ask here.

Thank you for any help.

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maybe this topic will help you > Convert bbPress Quotes to wpForo Quotes