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[Closed] is it possible to write post using math editor?

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hi, thanks about the great plugin for wordpress.

I want to know if is possible to write a post using math editor or equation editor. I want to use math formulas into my post.

Thanks for the support.

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Hi @tempo

I am not sure if wpForo can add a "math editor" or an "equation editor" onto the built in "text editor" for "replies" or "posts".  

These posts are basically "forms" and surely there is a way to add anything to "forms" but it will be a highly customized one that you might need to hire a developer for.  

If you are just needing to publish specific formulas or a few formulas onto a post, what I see "instructors" or "trainers" do is they create (basically draw or type) these formulas in a software like "Paint" and then save it as jpg file, and then attach the image / jpg file, to their posts.  🙂 

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As Chris says, for direct editing you would need to integrate something like the Tinymce Wiris plugin into the core WP functions  and then run a filter through theme functions to add the relevant buttons to the WPForo editor. Such would be the realm of a developer.

If you merely want to properly render equations for display purposes then the MathJax-LaTex plugin does work in WPForo.

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@verek , thank you for sharing that.  I learned something new.  We use old school, but if a new plugin is out there to make life easier for formulas, we can test drive it too! I appreciate the tip!  🙂  All the best!