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[Closed] Latex on WP Foro

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Hello everybody,

I have recently created a scientific forum and I am greatly enjoying the functionalities of WPForo. However, I would need to give my users the possibility of typesetting latex diagrams inside a forum post. For this, I have installed various Latex Wordpress plugins (Enable Latex, LaTeX for WordPress, MathJax-LaTeX, Simple Mathjax, WP LaTeX, WP QuickLaTeX) hoping that they would integrate well with WPForo, but I have the following problems when posting messages through the forum (despite the fact that these plugins work very well in the associated Wordpress website): 

- I can use the syntax [latex] ... [/latex] but it creates blank boxes which are very unesthetic. Morevoer, this syntax only works on a single line (that is, one cannot paste any complex latex code inside such brackets).

- I can simply write latex expressions inside the message, but then the Preview button does not work, even though, once the message is sent, its content is compiled and correctly displayed. Moreover, as in the previous case, no complex latex expressions are compiled.

I would like to be able to typeset latex diagrams (such as the ones that one can draw by using Tikz), and more generally to display latex content on multiple lines, as one normally does when writing in Latex.

Any suggestions on what to do in order to fully integrate Latex compilation within WPForo?

Thank you very much for any help! 

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Hi @glenngould,

Please follow this support topic:



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Thank you very much for the link, but that thread does not answer my queries, as it only shows that one can display one-line latex expressions in the forum, as I already knew.

Could you please address my specific questions concerning the problem with preview and my need for displaying multiple lines latex content? Many thanks!