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[Closed] Performance

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I load tested the code change several times and cannot see any real difference.  
Restarted mysql, nginx, php, and cleared all caches for every test.
Running on PHP 7.
Posted by: Robert

During the last month we've made lots of improvement in wpForo next version. The next 1.2.1 comming soon. At the moment I'd recommend do this small change which may decrease your SQLs 30% off. This was a bug in 1.2.0 version.

Open /wpforo/wpf-includes/class-permissions.php file

Find this line:

if( isset( $this->wpforo->post_options['lang'] ) && $this->wpforo->post_options['lang'] ){

Change to this:

if( isset( $this->wpforo->general_options['lang'] ) && $this->wpforo->general_options['lang'] ){

It should look like this:

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