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Recent posts vs Unread posts

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hi Support


If I compare the "Recent posts" layout to the "Unread posts" layout I see that one has the last posts showing and the other does not have the last posts showing.


Screenshot attached of what I mean.


Is there any rationale behind this difference?



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Recent posts: lists all new posts, the unread ones in bold additionally
Unread posts: lists only the unread posts

this all refers to the logged in state

you can see this for example in the post "How to add color on a usergroup" which I read while logged in

Assume that if you have not read the whole topic, a listing of the posts is not necessary.

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Thanks @tutrix , I am still not sure I understand:

what I am trying to get is why one layout show the posts while the other does not?


Maybe I'm being a bit thick 😀