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[Closed] Registration Page shortcode Request

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Hi guys many thanks to the developers for their good work.

I'm using a third-party plugin for my login-in and registration page, so I need the shortcode for the registration page so users on my website can be redirected to the default registration page of wpforo.


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What is the idea to have a different login page and then search a way for using wpForo login page? If you've decided to use the login page provided by 3rd party plugin then you should continue using it. The login/register page origins should be the same. If you want to use wpForo login/register pages instead of the 3rd party solution, you should turn on the following options in Dashboard > Forums > Settings > Features Tab:

  • Replace Registration Page URL to Forum Registration Page URL
  • Replace Login Page URL to Forum Login Page URL
  • Replace Reset Password Page URL to Forum Reset Password Page URL


Also, make sure the fields of "Custom Authorization URLs" option are empty: