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New Feature [Closed] Suggestion regarding Threaded layout.

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I have suggestions for better UI of threaded layout.

  1. Modifying UI of threaded layout - Adding "Likes" row besides "Replies" row

"Likes" row can let users know how much topics are popular and it can be extended to widget like WPdiscuz's widget does.

  2. Widget

Like Wpdiscuz widget,

Tab1 - Most Liked Topic(except replies)-time frame-(1day, 1week, 1month)

Tab2 - Most Commented Topic based on the number of replies-time frame-(1day, 1week, 1month)

Tab3 - Most Trending Topic based on the view counts-time frame-(1day, 1week, 1month)

Tab4- Most Liked Replies-time frame-(1day, 1week, 1month)

  3. Modifying Replies UI:

      1) Adding filters and search bar before replies so that users can search with ease when there are a lot of replies. Wpdiscuz does:

     2) Remove reply's title - It does not helpful at all, and it prevents from exact search results. Like other forum plugins, reply's title is not necessary. Please remove reply's title entirely.

  4. Modifying Search Features:

     1) Advanced search option: - Add option to filter: "Search Topics' Title Only", "Search Topics' Body Only", "Search Topics Entire", "Search Replies' Only" and it would be great "Search Topics' Title Only" or "Search Topics Entire" as a default option.

    2) Please select the current forum automatically, while searching, not entire forums:

    3) "Sort Search Results by: Date" as a default option please, not relevancy first:

  5. Move "Add topic" on the front page:  

  In the front page, "Add topic" exists on the thread layout forum only. Move this button to the above forum category so that users can add a topic at any category, not only in the thread layout forum.

  6. Make category have various layouts: Layout which inherit from parent category limit the style of forums.

  7. Trivia things to fix

    1) <div class="wpf-topic-visitors"> HTML block under the <div class="wpf-topic-navi"> is left even I turn off the "Current viewing" option.

    2) When the main category has only one forum, "Forums" navigation is not required.

    3) Like previous case, if there's one forum only, there's no necessary to select forum while adding a topic in the category layout. 

    4) I turned off the Subscription option from members, however, Subscription is left under the "My profile" tab and Buddypress tab.

    5) There's no option to remove "Unread Posts":

    6) Buddypress notification is not cleared(removed) after I clicked the notification regarding new replies on my topic.

I hope you support those things for better UI and UX.

Many many thanks for your great plugin. I cannot thank you enough. 5 stars just isn't enough 😀

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Hi @zmgma,

Thank you for the suggestions. We'll take all these under consideration for sure.