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Two forums on one website

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I have two forums for separate users. To achieve this I put one forum on a subdomain as I was not sure how to separate the two user groups on the same website. Users get access by invitation only which of course must be specific to either forum. Can this be easily achieved putting both forums on one website? Can they be individually styled?


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I'm not real sure because I am brand new to using this plugin, but have you seen the setting for "Boards" - See if adding a new Board has its own usergroups?

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wpForo has full-fledged forum access system so you can control users by usergroups and restrcit access to any forum you want. You don't need to create multiple forums in different WordPress and subdomains. You just need to set correct forum access forum suergroups.


You have two usergroups:

  • Usergroup A
  • Usergroup B

You have two forums in the same forum:

  • Main Category
    • Forum A
    • Forum B


You should edit Forum A and set:

  • Usergroup A - Standard Access
  • Usergroup B - No Access

You should edit Forum B and set:

  • Usergroup A - No Access
  • Usergroup B - Standard Access


Please read this topic to become familaier with wpForo access control and usergroup permissions: