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[Closed] User redirect after login

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Can you please help me with the below query?

User login is mandatory to reply to a specific topic in my forum. But after successful login, they are being redirected to their profile page instead of the topic that they want to reply to. 

Due to this reason, I am unable to make my forum interactive. 

Please help me with the exact URL that I need to place. I tried different options but it didn't work. 

For example: If the user wants to reply to the "ABC" topic after their successful login they should be able to move automatically to the "ABC" topic, not to their profile. 

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Hi @vinodkrsetty,

Could you please try it here?

wpForo should redirect you back after the login if you have left the "Custom Redirection URLs after following actions" option set any URs in Forums > Settings > Members Tab.

So, just try it here and see how wpForo works. If you click the login or reply button from this topic, then login you'll be redirected back to this topic.