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[Closed] No moderation tools/options on posts

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As Admin, I don't have any moderation options on posts. Can't see delete, edit etc.

I also cannot see posts awaiting moderation. I can see them on the back-end, but when I click "view" I do not see the post

I'm not sure at what point this broke, it was working until it wasn't. Tried de-activating and re-activating the plugin to see if that fixed it, but no luck

I'm also getting "

No one of supported forums are installed! Please install one of these forums: wpForo, bbPress


in the dashboard

No sure if that's related or belonging to WPForo plugin. Not as pressing. I don't have any plugins other than WPforo plugins that would be interacting with WPForo

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Your Forum pages are crashing in TWO places.