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[Closed] Forum Shows as Empty, but it isn't Empty

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Hi guys, sorry to be a pain again, but this seems to be another bug, not sure if its specific to my forum or not but....

If you go to the front page of my forum, and scroll down until you see the "competitions" sections, you will see it says "forum is empty.Β 

It isnt empty and it has a lot of threads in there I am not sure why it is showing like this.Β 

I moved threads from some other forum sections to the competitions section, and it started to show like this. Can you help me get this fixed, as I have no idea why it is displaying as empty.Β 

Thanks in advance for your help as always πŸ™‚Β 

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@percysgrowroom hey, I have noticed that WPForo 2.X is kind of slow updating statistics, like some posts don't even show any updated statistics for topic views etc for a whole day. I was going to report this, but maybe this is the same issue.

What I have done to update the statistics quickly is just use the "Rebuild Threads" feature from the forum's dashboard, I think that might work forΒ  you.

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This issue has been reported only for Simplified layout, and it happens if there are sub-forums in the forum. We've already added this bug in our to-do lit and will fix it in the upcoming versions.

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@robert Thanks mate, and I think Realact was right, after a couple of days this seemed to have fixed itself πŸ™‚Β 

I waited 24 hours before posting this, but it seems ot take a little longer than i expected πŸ™‚ All sorted now thoughΒ