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wpForo 1.x.x [Closed] Password reset & Password set

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Password set & Password Reset both stall when you first sign up!! this also keeps users from signing up & having their accounts active in some cases!! since no matter how many times you set the Password it doesn't allow you to log in!!


There is also a Password injection issue on the Page if you keep the page open the way it is we showed this on our twitter someone can sit there & inject code into the Password reset & can get Password & eventually access to users accounts!! sorry guys i had to jump on a PC that didn't have access to my account or twitter to Post the image here!! ❤️  you guys need to add the twitter Party emjois we have on our twitter tweets!! @keebu

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Registrations and logins (including password reset) are NOT handled by wpForo but from Wordpress script.

wpForo just provides a "form" for it.