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wpForo 1.x.x [Closed] Private messages missing in menu column missing

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Good afternoon,  


I have been using WPforo for a few months now and I am very enthusiastic about the possibilities of this user friendly plugin. I have therefore already purchased and activated a few extensions to add more functions to my forum. Today I added the function: private messages. In itself a great function, it would be nice if I could do some translations, but the functionality is great.


I actually miss something essential: under the heading "my profile" there are three items: account, activity and subscription. Below should also be an item with: private messages. The visitor must first click on "my profile". Then the "private messages" button is listed next to subscriptions.


Is it possible to also put the "private messages" item in the drop-down menu? See the attached image.


Thank you in advance for your response.


Kind regards,


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Hi @mvw1606,

You can add it using /%wpforo-profile-messages%/ Shortcode URL with “Custom Links” menu item in Dashboard > Appearance > Menus admin page.

Please note all questions related to wpForo add-ons should be asked in the forum. Here we support issues related to core wpForo plugin, not paid add-ons. 

wpForo Official Addons are being supported here: