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[Closed] Recaptcha Error: Cant connect to Google API

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Greeting first let me congratulate you for this amazing and supper awesome plugin i have been using in for the last 2 weeks and I absolutely love it.

I have 2 websites ( 2 separate domains on the same hosting service) i am running wpforo on both of them. Yesterday everything was normal. Today when i am trying to log in on both websites I am getting an error with captcha (see attached Imaged. It would persistently say that it cannot connect to google recapcha api.  I was effectively locked out from both of my sites since I could not login.

By searching this forum I found a work around. I changed the name directory of wpforo plug... in logged in renamed it again, activated the plugin and turned off the Recaptcha from Forum Panel. Once logged in a played around with it again. I changed my keys but the problems still persisted. 


I visited other sites on the web that use google captcha there don't seem to have any issues


I am not running any other captcha software, no akismet, no caching


Any ideas... I would love to be able to use Google Captcha again on my sites/forum


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Update: I spend 40 minuets with my host help desk. They said that the problem is not server related. They think it might be a  plug in issue.  For some reason now that i tried to log in I am not having any problems with captcha. I hope this does not come up again. I wonder if it was a google issue all this time although i was able to use the wpforo login/registration here with captcha and no issues

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Hi @renegadepuppy ,

Our developers have tested Google reCaptcha and have not encountered any issues, as shown in the attached screenshot. It's possible that the problem was related to the newly installed SSL certificate (https). Your DNS cache may have initially cached your domain with the 'http://' prefix, and Google servers reject calls through 'http://.'

We hope this issue is now permanently resolved and won't recur.