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wpForo 1.x.x [Solved] Advanced Attachments no longer works with the new Threaded Layout

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Hi all,

Thank you for the big upgrade. I upgraded today to 1.6.1 and enabled the threaded layout.

It looks great, but I can no longer use the advanced attachments add-on, if I click on

Attach Files

Nothing happens... normally, A pop-up window shows of the uploaded attachments so we can choose or upload a new one.

I changed the forum layout to extended and now all works again properly.

Kind regards,


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Thank you @astropixelprocessor,

Please delete all caches, press CTRL+F5 (twice) on forum frontend and check again. If it doesn't help please open a new support topic in gVectors forum and leave your forum URL there, to allow support members to check it. 

Please note this is wpForo plugin support, and we don't support wpForo add-ons issues here. 

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1. Please update the addon to latest version

2. Delete all caches, delete all minify and optimizer plugin caches, if you have CDN please purge it.

3. Navigate to forum front-end on topic page and press Ctrl+F5 twice to reload new JS files and reset browser cache.


Important! For further support and questions please open support topic at gVectors Team support forum, here we only support the core free wpForo plugin.