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wpForo 1.x.x [Closed] Attachment Permalinks Don't Work for Certain Attachment Type

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I am working on a WPForo Q&A forum. There is a problem where the permalink to an attachment does not work if the attachment has a ".txt" extension.

  • Other attachment file extensions, such as "png" or "jpg" work fine. Users can access them using the permalinks that the WPForo plugin assigns.
  • "txt" is in the list of allowed extensions in the WPForo settings.
  • I confirmed that the "txt" attachments do get saved to the server.
  • I can access the "txt" attachment directly from the web, just not using the permalink that WPForo assigns to it.
  • My forum can be found here:
  • The WPForo plugin version is 1.8.4.
  • The forum also has the plugin "wpForo Advanced Attachments" from gVectors installed.

Please advise on how best to solve this issue.

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Hi @mnutsch,

Please move this topic to gVectors Support forum:

Here we only support the main free wpForo plugin.