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wpForo 1.x.x [Closed] Author Name how to change to pull-down

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The page I need help with:

Please help me, I don’t understand wpForo.

Which .php-file should I edit.


1) add topic(トピックを追加)is push.

2) Author Name(投稿者名) is input.


1) add topic(トピックを追加)is push.

2) Author Name is pull-down.

Thank you for reading to the end.

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Hi @worpman,

Please explain what authors are they? How can a topic be created by selecting authors? The author is the current logged-in person. If this is a guest (not logged-in visitor) you should let him/her to insert his name. I don't sea any point in this drop-down menu, so I cannot suggest any solution here.

BTW, if this is just a custom field and this doesn't display the list of real users, you can use wpForo Topic Custom Fields addon. It allows you to create a drop-down custom field and set pre-defined list of options in this drop-down menu. You can find more information in the addon page:

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Hi @robert,

Thank you for your reply.