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wpForo 1.x.x [Solved] Changing to a threaded layout

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Hi team, 

I want to change my forum theme from classic to threaded. I've followed the guidance available on the 'themes' section of the wpforo plugin.

To override the "Topic List" template file of the Extended (#1) forum layout, copy according file: plugins/wpforo/wpf-themes/classic/layouts/4/topic.php to themes/yourtheme/wpforo/layouts/4/topic.php

Unfortunately this hasn't updated my forum layout on my webpage. I'm using the Kadence theme and I am using Hostgator as my hosting provider. Attatched is a screenshot from the hostgator file manager which shows the folder location that I copied the php file to. 

- Themes
    - Kadence
        - wpforo
            - layouts
              - 4

Please let me know if there is a reason that the threaded layout is not active following these changes.


Thanks very much in advance! 🙂 

(I couldn't see a dedicated forum section related to the threaded layout)

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Why are you coping files? Please delete those. You can change the forum layouts by changing the top category forum layout in the edit category screen:


If you just want to change the topic lists design you should copy the plugins/wpforo/wpf-themes/classic/layouts/4/topic.php to themes/yourtheme/wpforo/layouts/X/topic.php

The X is the current forum layout number, if you're sure you use the Extended Layout, then the X is 1, if Simplified Layout then X is 2.