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Duplicate content on forums and seo

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Wpforo is amazing first of all.

I tried searching for this question on google but the answers were very dated/old.


I run a global politics magazine/website where we post articles. Recently using wpforo we started a community/forum so people could discuss politics, share job openings, and other related things. My question is that since forums have a lot of duplicated/copy-pasted content, will this harm my seo? For example we have posts about jobs where we will copy-paste the job requirements from their website to our forums. Is this bad practice and will google penalize us or does google understand that these are forums and this is common. My forums are subdirectory and not subdomain. I hope this will not hurt the almost 4 years of hard work we put in for our website.


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You don't have any issues with SEO. Additionally, we suggest checking out the wpForo – Blog Cross Posting addon. This addon is designed to synchronize website/blog content with forum content. When you create a new blog post, the addon creates an identical topic (title and content) in the selected forum and keeps these entries synchronized.

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