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Extended Registration Process

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Dear wpForo support team. I would like to thank you for the good support you are providing 👍 

I hope you can also help with this issue:

I have 1 general 3 private total 4 different Forums on my website and for the 3 private forums, I require an official email address with the relevant company extension ( to avoid membership from others and spam.

However many companies are very sensitive and protective of their email system trying to keep spam and misuse out.

Here is my question: I would like to use the official company email only once to send the email confirmation and set the password link to this particular email address. Once a new member clicks the confirmation link lands on his/her company email and returns to set the password, I would like to give a choice to enter another email address for future lost / change passwords. How can I do this?

Shortly I would like to give an option to a new member to change his email during the registration process once he/she is confirmed and identified as working for the relevant company. 


John Doe works for xxx Airlines. During the initial registration process, he enters his company mail as required to become a member of the private forum for xxx Airlines Pilots private forum.

John receives his confirmation link (since the sender is not a confirmed sender this link lands in the spam folder) He clicks the link to set his password and to give a new email address.


Do I need all this hassle to create a new form or could a new member simply change his/her email address after setting the password?  But for some users, this option would also be confusing and difficult. 

What do you suggest?

I also installed wpForo User Custom Field add-on. Since this is the initial registration process I am posting this question here on wpForo Forum and if it's necessary I can post it on the wpForo add-on forum. 

Thank you all for the usual support.




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the only way is using User Custom Fields Addon, You can edit the Email field and choose which Usergroups Can edit the Field.

So the User can edit their Emails in the profiles.