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[Solved] Forum Accesses documentation detail

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I created a custom forum access for the registered group following the documentation at Forum Accesses.  I want to prevent a user from adding a topic.  But after turning off a few switches, at the login for the test of making a reply, the message "access denied" is presented.  Apparently certain switches must be left on to perform validation.  But there is nowhere in the documentation that explains about the purpose and necessity of each switch.

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If you want users to be able to view forums, topics, and posts, the CAN below should be checked/enabled:

  • Can view forum
  • Can enter forum
  • Can enter topic


However, if you don't want to allow users to publish the topics and posts, you should uncheck/disable the following CAN:

  • Can create topic
  • Can post reply

The rest of the CAN you should configure as you wish.