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wpForo 1.x.x forum rating

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I would like to know if an improvement on "qualifying merchants for either positive or negative" can be added to the forum
the idea would be as in the capture that I leave below that would also improve the forum a certain way, could that be done?

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Hi @sergido,

wpForo has a powerful user reputation system. 

There are ten levels of User Ranks. Each level has its Reputation Title and Badge. You can manage level posts, titles, badges in Members Settings admin page (Dashboard > Forum > Settings > Members)

Started from wpForo 1.6.2 version you can also Set Custom Reputation to a User.

More info here:

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@sofy Can I get full control of the reputation system as an admin on my forum? What I mean is :-

Rather than providing min number of posts for members to reach higher level. I control which member should be granted what level. 

P.S I know that i can manually grant them a level, but if they again exceed the min number of posts they will level up, but I wish to restrict them at one level.