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wpForo 1.x.x [Closed] Email Template Logo and images are not showing

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My Email setting is not working see: Forum Settings = Email
1. The welcome email is showing error code in the new member email box
2. Logo is not showing email
3. I want to edit all email template ... correction now working
See attachment 
and see 
<img class="alignnone size-full wp-image-3062" src="" alt="" width="340" height="80" />


Dear [user_login],


You have successfully joined is a forum and a platform where people all over the world share
their views and reviews on products and services across all industries.

Here is your Username: [user_login]

To set your password, click the link below. Or copy it on as address bar of a



Support Team

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Hi @kool,

Sorry for the late response. 

Some HTML tags are not allowed in the email content. You should add the following code in the active theme's functions.php file to allow the images to be included in the content: 

add_filter('wpforo_kses_allowed_html_email', 'custom_wpforo_kses_allowed_html_email');
function custom_wpforo_kses_allowed_html_email($allowed_html){
if( !wpfkey($allowed_html, 'span') ) $allowed_html['span'] = array();
if( !wpfkey($allowed_html['span'], 'style') ) $allowed_html['span']['style'] = array();
if( !wpfkey($allowed_html, 'img') ) $allowed_html['img'] = array();
if( !wpfkey($allowed_html['img'], 'src') ) $allowed_html['img']['src'] = array();
if( !wpfkey($allowed_html['img'], 'width') ) $allowed_html['img']['width'] = array();
if( !wpfkey($allowed_html['img'], 'height') ) $allowed_html['img']['height'] = array();
return $allowed_html;