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[Closed] hCaptcha, wpForo 2.1.1, and classes/API.php

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I am posting here to make you aware of what I found. Each time before I update the forum on my site, I go through the updated code to add in hCaptcha functionality as I have done in the past. This time I noticed the new update already had references to hCaptcha in place (in one file but not others). However, the same area in the code mixed in references to both hCaptcha & Google reCAPTCHA.

At first I got excited about you working to add built-in hCaptcha functionality, but since nowhere in your documentation do you make mention of "hCaptcha" I am assuming this code is not how you intended it to be. Are you able to shed more light on this?

To see the code to which I am referring, go to wpForo v2.1.1 file location:


Go to lines: 870, 872