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Google reCaptcha not Working

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Hi, I have installed my Google reCaptcha site key and secret key and enable the captcha on my registration, login, and password reset pages. I'm using v2 of the captcha with Ultimate Member plugin. Nothing I do can get it to work. The check box does not show up on any of these pages and the captcha throws an error "Google reCaptcha data are not submitted." I have also tried this with hCaptcha but again, the check box doesn't show up and the form is not validated.

I've disabled all plugins including Ultimate Member and the issue persists. I'm on windows 10 but the issue also is present on my iPhone. Does anyone have a clue as to what is going on?

Thank your for your help, in advance.

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We don't follow you well. 

Please leave the URL of your forum to allow us to better understand the issue.