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How-to load WordPress footer?

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After reading through the documentation I think that I should be able to load the regular WordPress (theme) footer on the wpForo pages as follow:

  • add functions-wp.php to /wp-content/themes/my-custom-theme/wpforo/functions-wp.php
  • then use this code
    add_action('after_setup_theme', 'wpforo_load_wp_footer', 10);
    function wpforo_load_wp_footer() {

But when I apply this nothing happens, so I must be overlooking something.

Some hits via Google mentioned to use `add_action('wpforo_footer', 'wpforo_load_wp_footer', 10);` instead but that is not making a difference.

In the end I reckon it should be possible as the initial page with the forum on it also has the WordPress (theme) footer visible.

Can you give me a pointer into the right direction?


P.S. I already confirmed that the custom functions-wp.php is being loaded when I load the forum pages.

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Hi @golabs 

If the footer and header are only missing from the profiles, you can enable them.

>> Show Header and Footer on Profile Pages

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@tutrix thanks for your reply. Unfortunately it's not that as I'm aware of that setting.

I just don't get the footer from my WordPress theme at the end of the page as soon as I navigate to every single page (Forum / Topic / Member Profile / etc). Here on the support forum it's the grey part where the copyright line is in.