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wpForo 1.x.x [Solved] Help.........Header Section on Forum Page

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I am having problems with my header linking. When I first made my homepage header, I had my header menu content (About, Contact, Gallery, etc) linking to a certain part of the page. I then added WPforo to the site (Great plugin by the way!!!!). However, on the Forum page, the same header menu content will not link to where I want it to. Can you help me correct this problem? Thanks in advance.
The page I need help with:

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Hi @cchildspi,

Your menu items are created incorrect. You should not put only anchors as link. wpForo doesn't have any relation to that problem. If you create new page you'll see the menu URLs don't work hat page as well.

You should change your Menu URLs in Dashboard > Appearance > Menus admin page from:

  • #about
  • #services
  • #gallery
  • #videos
  • #followme

to full URls:


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Worked like a charm!!! Thank you very much.