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wpForo 1.x.x [Closed] Help with UserGroup Confusion

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I have set up WP Foro and Ultimate Member. I have a weird thing happening that maybe someone can help me with.

1st off, I have two users on my WordPress site that are Authors (user group) that write posts for me. They were assigned that user group after they registered for the use of the forum where they were considered Registered Users there, or Subscribers with WordPress.

In Ultimate Member I set up a user group, Authors.

In WP Foro I set up a user group, Authors. 

I synced them using the Synchronize feature in WP For in the user groups tab.

In WP Foro I have a Forum Access for Authors set up - as I want to have a few forum channels where only they can access, not regular subscribers.

When I go into the Wordpres Users, and pull up both of these users that are considered Authors, one has the Forum Usergroup as Registered set (it's also grayed out because of the sync so I can't change it).

The other one is showing two usergroups for the Forum with the one showing first as Author. Assuming the second is the Registered one (grayed out, can't change).

How do I fix this? So both are considered Authors first and foremost. And, why is the first one not showing as Author in the forum? 

I'd like to set up a second set of users but want to get this figured out first.

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Hi @hollymac,

In wpForo if your Usergroup is set to more than one User Role they won't be synchronized, so you need to check that only Author Usergroup is set to Author User Role, after press Synchronize button and check in the below table that author User Role and Author Usergroup are Synched.

Also check this FAQ topic about Usergroups, User Roles, Forum Accesses: