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wpForo 1.x.x [Closed] Hide forum menu and forum sidebar

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Hi all,

is there any way how to hide the forum meno if an user is not registered yet?

I see that even if nto regstered you can see i.e. the users that are part of the forum. It dosent looks correct for privacity if it is closed forum.

By the way, it hapens soemthing similar with the forum sdebar. Even if you are not a registered user you can see the topics, tags and newst posts.


Thanks in advace for your comments.

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The menu and sidebar cannot be hidden for guests. You can hide topics, posts in widgets and members in Members menu. Tags also cannot be hidden. To hide topics and posts you should hide the parent category and forums of that category one by one editing and setting "No Access" for Guest Usergroup in each forum permission settings. More information here:

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Hi Martin, thanks fo your comments.

I alreay dicovered how to hide users on forum top menu, so only visible for registered users. 

But I do not find the way how to hide the lateral bar where there are still post and last topics even if you are not registered.

i saw as well that bottom bar with statistics are showing info that theorically we want to hide if not registered.

I will have a look on the link you sent, thanks!