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My profile menu is not rolling down

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Hi there,

In my forum menu, the "my profile" option should have a drop down menu, however it doesn't work. It only redirects me to my profile and there's no option to visit account, activity and subscription items (no drop down is displayed), but I can definitely see the subitems in the wordpress menu settings.

Is there some setting that might help? Could it be caused by my WP theme. Since it has some custom options for menus. And is there any workaround?

Thank you very much

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You should add the following shortcodes as submenus: 

  • Activity: /%wpforo-profile-activity%/
  • Account: /%wpforo-profile-account%/
  • Subscriptions: /%wpforo-profile-subscriptions%/

For further information, please refer to this documentation:

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@sofy Thank you for your reply.
However, I think have that. See the attached screenshot.
The problem is the drop down menu doesn't even appear.
See in the video:  

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@malgi REMOVE


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