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[Solved] How can a member contact a moderator?

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If a member has a concern or question, how does someone contact the moderator? The moderator on the site we're moving away from mentioned this is a useful feature.

I'm not seeing it in documentation or as an option when I'm logged in as a member. 



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Hey brenda_d,


I don't think that there's something like you search already implemented in wpforo. (Can be that I'm wrong but I never found smth)

I solved it with a Plugin. In my case it was FluentSupport, but you can use any support plugin. Works fine for me. Created a new entry in the header menu so everyone can easily create a ticket.




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@pfista Thank you! This looks promising. This plugin requires site email, which unfortunately, this site doesn't have email set up correctly, currently. So if I can persuade them into getting on board there, then I think this could work well.

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Hi @brenda_d 

You can use a simple contact form


You can find them at wpForo version 2

Dashboard > wpForo > Settings > Privacy and GDPR

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@tutrix Thank you