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wpForo 1.x.x [Closed] How do I add translations?

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As I've already mantioned in my last post wpForo doesn't support Multi-language websites, you can't use /en or ?lang=en or other switchers yet. You can only use wpForo on single language websites. The .MO and .PO files of Russian translation is in wpforo/wpf-languages/ folder and those work fine. All language files must have wpforo- prefix like and wpforo-ru_RU.po. 

We've already asked in Poliglot to add @dobrodukh as wpForo Russian translation Editor here:

This request has been approved and we're waiting for @dobrodukh to manage and approve Russian Translation. But you still can use his translation. It's not depended on Polyglots status. Just change WP language and you'll get wpForo in Russian.


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