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wpForo 1.x.x [Closed] How to Add Login/Logout/Registration Buttons/Links to Homepage?

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First of all, thanks so much for putting this software out there.  I've been searching for months for the right solution to include a user forum on my blog, and wasn't having any luck (and the current bbPress approach isn't cutting it).  From poking around, it looks a lot like wpForo gets everything right, makes it clean and easy, and should be a great solution for people like me.  So thanks.

Second, I was hoping you could help me (someone with no web-development/tech experience) with what might be a simple question.  I like wpForum's registration solution, and would like to use it.  What's the best way to get login/register links on my homepage (as opposed to simply in the internal forum page)--either in the navigation menu or sidebar as a widget?  And I'd really like to find a way to have that flip into a "logout" option on the homepage/sidebar once people are logged in.  

My theme doesn't contain a registration module, so the only native theme widget is simply a "login" widget with no possibility of a registration link.  I've tried playing around with various 3P login and registration plugins, but it seems like they all drive users to new registration/login pages that the plugins create for themselves, as opposed to the wpForo system.  Is there a preferred solution you can recommend that works well with the way your registration system is setup?

(As a corollary, I see that the settings have the "replace ... URL" buttons.  How do those work?  If I'm using a 3P registration plugin (or just a custom link to the WP login page), does your software jump in and redirect the user to the forum?  Just trying to understand how it all fits together so I can create the right solution for my site.)


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Thank you cll321,

wpForo Login/Logot/Register menus are simple WordPress menus with url-shortcods. You can put those on top or main menu of your website, so those can be available on home and on all other pages. Also you can create a custom menu and put in sidebar as using "Custom Menu" widget.

Menu url-shortcods:

  • Register: /%wpforo-register%/
  • Login: /%wpforo-login%/
  • Logout: /%wpforo-logout%/

All menus reflect user login/logout status and hide/show according menu item.

Also. we work on wpForo "My Profile" widget, it'll come with login/register form for guests and with Profile Info/logout for logged in users.

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Thanks, Robert!

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Any idea for when that widget would be ready?