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wpForo 1.x.x [Solved] How to Debug and check for Errors and Issues in your Forum on your Server

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I posted this in our Forum and thought to share it here, too.  (So it shows up in Forum Search Results, in case someone doesn't know how to do it, feel free to copy and paste into your own Forum to help your Forum Members 🙂 ). 


How to Debug and check for Errors and Issues in your Forum on your Server

  1. Go to: Forum Dashboard
  2. Tools
  3. Click the Debug tab
  4. On the Debug Information Row, you will find your Server Information and any Errors and Issues.
  5. Click [ Errors & Issues
  6. There you will see "Issues and Recommendations" and Error Logs
  7. So you can know which or what exactly is causing the issues you're having.
  8. Once you've identified the exact issue that's causing the errors .. 
  9. Go back to your Forum Dashboard
  10. Under Forum Maintenance
  11. Click Delete All Caches
  12. Press Control F5 twice on your frontend and test it again.

Also it helps to test it on an Incognito Window or in another browser, especially if you are also testing on a Mobile Device (since Mobile devices have hard caches).

Hope this helps.  Good luck and God bless you! 



I find it important to share the info in the post below with fellow Forum Admins here, so that they can also publish the "How To Clear your Cache" in their own Forums, so that ... 

How to Clear your Cache on your Computer

... so that the "Sorry something wrong with your data" error does not appear for our Forum Members (where posts can get lost, which can be very frustrating).

It's a WordPress functionality that is explained in the post below: