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wpForo 1.x.x [Closed] How to set up private forum

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Hi, We have an existing forum which is accessible to any user for registration. We would now like to have another forum on the same website which only certain users should have access to and where the content cannot be found on the web unless one is logged in.

What would be the most straightforward way of accomplishing this?



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I guess on same website for another forum you need to work with a sub-domain. 

I am working on a forum too, which is only accessible to registered users. In "Usergroups" / "Permissions" i unchecked all permissions for guests. I set up one role for registered users only that have most permissions except to administrate.

In "Settings" / "Forum Accesses" i unchecked all in "no access" and "read only access". 

In WordPress and wpForo i set up all that tells search engines not to index the site.

Works fine for me. Hope that helps.

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