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wpForo 1.x.x [Closed] Moderation: Can't find/list the unapproved posts

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Hi guys!

thanks for wpForo, the best forum plugin for Wordpress!

Since a few weeks I have a problem where wpForo tells me that there are unapproved posts/topics, but as soon as I open the moderation page, the list is empty.

I currently have 8 unapproved posts. I can see them in the database table with a SQL editor, but the moderation list is empty. The administration menu shows me that there are 8 posts to be moderated, and the moderation page also shows me that there are 8 entries, but the list is empty as I said.

I have tried to "Delete all cache", "Clean up" and so on to "Rebuild all threads", but nothing has worked.

What could be the cause and how can I fix the problem?

Thanks for your help!

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Hi @simsync2,

First exclude wpForo from your cache plugin, check this FAQ topic for more info:

Also solve your website errors, you can check them by the console

Check the attached image below.

 Let us know if after that your problem won't be solved.

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@chris: Thanks for pointing out the cache plugin and the website errors.

I disabled the cache plugin and also fixed the wp ajax errors, but unfortunately, that didn't change anything. I also tried to repair and optimize the wpforo tables but also without success.

I have attached a screenshot of the moderation admin (incl. console) to show you what I see.

The "funny" thing is that the table shows the number of posts to be moderated in the "pagination area", but in the table body it shows "No posts found".

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Try to find the unapproved posts in the Recent Posts menu, select the "Unapproved Posts" option in the filter drop-down: