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wpForo 1.x.x [Closed] I uninstall and now cant install back

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Hi, so far this its being a nightmare to be honest in the sense that Im now over 4 days hold dealling with this

Somehow the forum went duplicated and any forum I created on the back end double up in the website front end

At the start, I was at least given a short answer in what to try. I tried said step inmediately and then gave back plenty information in order to help being helped 

The next day I get another answer in another step to try, and once again, I tried and report back inmediately giving once again plenty information... and so on

Im now not even getting replies any longer despite I can see other users problems are getting answered and addressed and obviously I cannot be hold any longer stuck on this matter so finally I decided to uninstall the foro and to installed back and start from scratch with the hopes that a clean installation would have sort whatever the problem was but now after I try to install the plugin, it says:

"Installation failed": Installation pack its not available

Are you able to help?

Worse case scenery, (actually this would even be best) I can get the website the way it was before having uninstalled the plugin... 

But please you need to understand that either you help in a way that makes my workflow efficently or else I would have to move and try elsewhere and I would not like it because I do like this foro in principle but obviously, simply I cannot longer be stuck and need to either keep going or move up

Thanks very much


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d**n man, I know this pain lol. Stick with it mate its teething pains, once you get it all working wpforo is worth that initial effort on setting it up. 

So you have nothing on you forum at all? A blank forum and you want to try installing everything from the beginning? 

I had a similar to the one you're talking about too. 

I changed the date on the page the forum was on, and this sent the databases all out of whack or something. Delete the pages you have the wpforo shortcode on, and make a new page. 

Make sure if you have deleted the plug in, that you delete all cache, and then try re installing it again. Then add the wpforo short code to the new page and it should work..... maybe, lol. 

These guys here will help man, I am just some one who uses the software. Be as descriptive as possible with the issues and throw in some screen shots if you can and itll make it easier to know whats going on so it can be fixed sooner 

Stick with it man! Itll be worth it 

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The foro was working great and was looking good too mate but eventually and out of nowhere did duplicate itself. I got a thread about in this very subforo.

I was getting help. I was getting an easy step to try, per day, which took me few seconds to try and then was all. I could not continue working on the forum as its not point in case finally do not work and all carried work would have been for nothing, so, I have to simply stop in full until next day when I were supposed to get "the next thing to try"

That was not an ideal situation but of course Im aware that I could not be asking for more so I was "happy enough" that way

But now Im just not longer being answered on the matter from a couple of days back despite I see there its activity on this foro and that they do reply and address other matters

So what I mean is, and I really hope I have not sounded too "bad" (sorry I can't find the proper word in English), are we going to keep working on this?, Im prepare for, but else I need to move on.... I just one way or the other need to advance on this project, that's all 🙂

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I managed to install it finally

Im going to work on it a bit and see if this time the duplication stuff does not ocurr before even start doing any customisation to it. YET, I would have really prefered have sorted the original problem as now I need to start from 0

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Your "duplicating forums" issue along with the installation issue, makes me wonder if you have some other undelying hosting problem.

Have you ever enabled DEBUG to a LOG and check for errors?

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