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wpForo 1.x.x [Closed] Members not being included in Multisite

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I have multisite setup with Wpforo on a subdomain.

I have 500 members on my main site, and I would like their profiles etc to be syncronised with WPforo on the subdomain. However, only my (admin) details have been included.


Can you offer any advice?



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Hi @patrick,

Forum users must be registered on the forum sub-site. This was requested by many users of wpForo and we had to make it this way. So members of other sites/sub-sites should not be displayed in the current site/sub-site. This will mix up all users in other multisites. Now only sub-site specific users (who have registered directly on that sub-site) are being included in the forum as a member. If you register a user, make sure that the user is registered on forum sub-site, not in the main site or other sub-sites.

I'm really sorry, but you should configure this by Wordpress, not the wpForo side.